About me

Hello everybody!

My name is Cristina, I am 20 years old and I am from Romania. As you may know by now, I participate in the work&travel USA program(for the second time now). I decided to create this blog because everyone kept on asking me hundreds of questions about it, maybe just out of curiosity or because they wanted to apply for the program too. So I thought this is the best way to answer all of your questions, somewhere where everyone can see what this is all about. This blog will not be only about work and travel. Mostly this will be a travel blog, but don’t judge me if you see some random posts too.

      If you’re wondering how I made the decision to apply to this program.. Oh well, I don’t really know. I didn’t have a passion for something since I was little and followed it since then or at least I didn’t realize what my passion really was until the summer of 2016.  I went to college to start a career as an economic engineer.. realizing after three years of college that I don’t even like it. I’m still in college and even if it will not help me after I graduate at least is helping me now. Long story short.. last summer I went to America with the work&travel program and there I realized that my passion was always foreign languages and traveling. As a kid I was always the first in my class when it came to English, my English teachers loved me for my love for America. But I also  learnt Spanish all by myself and in 8th grade I traveled with my English teacher to Austria. So now that I look back I realize my all time passion was traveling.


This blog was created on May 25, 2017.


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